A life full of art

I have been working full time in the arts and exhibiting since 1983. I have  participated in many collaborative projects as an artist and/or curator or as project manager, across a range of practices including visual arts, public art, architecture, poetry and music.

Facing Empathy

Shadow Man, 

mid-fire terracotta, underglazes and oxides

Embodying Venice,

face mounted digital print on acrylic


I have being focusing for some time in my art &life thinking about and working with the concept of empathy and the power and importance of it and the significance, magnitude and value of it. Self-awareness and empathy is the keystone of emotional intelligence.

Plant People 

In terms of gender and identity women are the traditional nurturers and give and support life, as does biodiversity. The catch phrase of our times should be ‘Plant the Planet’. I am interested in how nature nurtures.

Current themes

Places in People

My involvement in public art as an artist and my work as a collections manager with local government has particularly strengthened my interests in Place, and how we as people interact with it.

Ongoing Collaborations

I am part of an art collective involved in "Project Z" an ongoing collaborative project merging the disciplines of visual art, architecture, poetry, music, film and multimedia by artists from Japan, Australia, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, and Germany.

I am also a member of Collective Effort Press an artist run independent press who specialize in experimental forms of poetry and other writing.

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