I have been exhibiting my sculpture and ceramics since 1983. I love the tactile nature of clay. The process of creating ceramic works is one driven by alchemy.

Sculpture & Ceramics

Blue man in the garden, earthenware clay, pigments, glaze

Detail of “Babylonian woman in the garden – Terracotta, pigments, glaze, soil, metal, plants

Reflective Pond - glass, mid fire ceramic and terracotta, stones

Cactus Head

Blue man in the green, Stoneware, glazes and pigments, cement, plants

Above: Heads in my garden, earthenware clay, glazes, pigments, plants

Roma, Stoneware fired with glaze and decal

Lily, Terracotta, oxides and gold leaf

Taking it on the chin, earthenware clay, pigments, glazes

Shadow man, terracotta clay, oxides, cement, plant

Blue Venus, clay, glass, gold, wood, metal

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