I have extensive experience as a public art project manager, and art director. I specialise in planning and curating integrated art for buildings, parks, streetscapes and other urban spaces. Other roles include contributing to the development of Arts Policies and Strategies for public art, visual art and civic history collections, managing public art maintenance and working with Developers to integrate public art into new residential areas. One of my key aims is to collaborate on projects in the public realm and to create 'erotically charged zones'.

Project Management

Blue man in the garden, earthenware clay, pigments, glaze

Detail of “Babylonian woman in the garden – Terracotta, pigments, glaze, soil, metal, plants

Source by Adrian Mauricks - Bundoora Park, Bundoora VIC for the City of Darebin, project management with Vicky Tsaconas

The Grand Parade by Geoff Hocking, Whittlesea Showgrounds. A City of Whittlesea and Whittlesea Agricultural Society project.

Autumn Leaves by Rudi Jass, Zinc plated steel and steel, Mill Park Community Centre, a City of Whittlesea project.

The Collection by Michael Snape, stainless steel Preston Town Hall, project management and coordination with Vicky Tsaconas for City of Darebin

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